Technical Awards

Best Conference Paper

    • Paper ID 59
      • Paper Title: Validating Pre-Requisite Dependencies through Student Response Analysis
      • Author: Manjushree D. Laddha, Swanand Navandar and Laxman Netak


Top 2 Conference Paper

    • Paper ID 51
      • Paper Title : Alzheimer’s Dementia Recognition using Mutlimodal Fusion of Speech and Text Embeddings
      • Author: Sandeep Pandey, Hanumant Singh Shekhawat, Shalendar Bhasin, Ravi Jasuja and S R M Prasanna


Top 3 Conference Paper

    • Paper ID 76
      • Paper Title : KeyNet: Enhancing CyberSecurity with deep learning-based LSTM on keystroke dynamics for authentication
      • Author: Jayesh Soni and Nagarajan Prabakar

Special Organizer Award

Best AI Model for IHCI

    • Paper ID:38
      • Touching Minds: Deep generative models composing the digital contents to practice mindfulness
      • So Hyeon Kim, Ji Hun Kim, Jung Ahn Yang, Jung Yeon Lee and Jee Hang Lee


IHCI Young Researcher Award

    • Best Presentation
      • Abstract Title: Active Learning based Reinforcement Learning Framework for Unseen Environment Adaptation
      • Name: Pamul Yadav

Best Session Paper Award (Day-1) 12/20/2021

Session Name( S1-A): The principle and practice of human-centered AI

    • Paper ID 39
      • Paper Title : Remote Monitoring of Disability: A Case Study of Mobility Aid in Rohingya Camp
      • Author: Suzana Brown, Faheem Hussain, Achilles Vairis, Emily Hacker and Maurice Bess

Session Name( S1-B): Immersive and Tangible interface

    • Paper ID 73
      • Paper Title: A comparison of input devices for gaming: Are gamepads still useful in PC environment?
      • Author :Yunsun A. Hong, Soojin O. Peck and Ilgang M. Lee

Session Name (S2-A): Intelligent Interaction and Visualization

    • Paper ID 95
      • Paper Title: Interactive Visualization and Capturing Geo-Coded Multimedia Data on Mobile Devices
      • Author: Deepshikha Bhati, Md Amiruzzaman, Suphanut Jamonnak and Ye Zhao

Session Name (S2-B): Cognitive Learning Analytics

    • Paper ID 74
      • Paper Title: Simulation Model of a Spare Parts Distribution Network in the Airline Industry for Reducing Delays and Improving Service Levels: a Design of Experiments Study
      • Author: Javier Gejo-García, Diego Gallego-García, Sergio Gallego-García and Manuel García-García

Best Session Paper Award (Day-2) 12/21/2021

Session Name( S3-A): Human-Computer Interfaces in E-Health Monitoring and Management

    • Paper ID 86
      • Paper Title : A Smart Wearable Fall Detection for Firefighters using V-RNN
      • Author: Xiaoqing Chai, Boon Giin Lee, Matthew Pike, Renjie Wu and Wanyoung Chung

Session Name( S3-B): Machine Learning for HCI

    • Paper ID 27
      • Paper Title: Attitude Control for Fixed-Wing Aircraft using Q-Learning
      • Author : David Richter, Lance Natonski, Xiaxin Shen and Ricardo Calix

Session Name (S4-A): Educational Applications of Interactive Computer Systems

    • Paper ID 53
      • Paper Title: Permission-Educator: App for Educating Users about Android Permissions
      • Author: Akshay Mathur, Ethan Ewoldt, Quamar Niyaz, Xiaoli Yang and Ahmad Javaid

Session Name (S4-B): Digital signal and image processing methods

    • Paper ID 19
      • Paper Title: Algorithms and Service for Digital Processing of Two-Dimensional Geophysical Fields using Octave Method
      • Author: Hakimjon Zaynidinov, Dhananjay Singh, Ibrohimbek Yusupov and Sarvar Makmudjanov

Best Session Paper Award (Day-3) 12/22/2021

Session Name( S5-A): Beyond AI: Human-In-The-Loop Intelligence

    • Paper ID 7
      • Paper Title : Using LSTM Models on Accelerometer Data to Improve Accuracy of Tap Strap 2 Wearable Keyboard
      • Author: Tauheed Mohd and Kristian Mrazek

Session Name( S5-B): Theory & Application of Intelligent Systems in Modelling, Simulation and Automation

    • Paper ID 17
      • Paper Title: Comparison of various deep CNN models for Land Use and Land Cover classification
      • Author : Geetanjali Mahamunkar and Laxman Netak

Session Name (S6-A): AI-Inspired Solutions for Mental Health Ailments: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment

    • Paper ID 57
      • Paper Title: Exploring Multimodal Features and Fusion for Time-Continuous Prediction of Emotional Valence and Arousal
      • Author: Ajit Kumar, Bong Jun Choi, Sandeep Kumar Pandey, Sanghyeon Park, Seongik Choi, Hanumant Singh Shekhawat, Wesley De Neve, Mukesh Saini, Srm Prasanna and Dhananjay Singh

Session Name (S6-B): 

    • Paper ID 36
      • Paper Title: AI-based Syntactic Complexity Metrics and Sight Interpreting Performance
      • Author:  Longhui Zou, Michael Carl, Mehdi Mirzapour, Hélène Jacquenet and Lucas Nunes Vieira