Open Discussion Forum

Human Computer Interaction from the perspective of Fighting Games – IHCI 2021

Date: Wednesday, December 22, 2021
Duration: 1:00pm– 3:00pm

Room: DI-230   (Will also be streamed on

Accepted Forum Applications: 10 students (in-person + remote)
Expected guests: 10 + online guests

Human Computer Interaction is a field that encompasses a large variety of applications and concepts, and one of those is in the form of interactive media and video games. Video games offer unique and often exciting ways for people to interact with computers, getting instant feedback for their inputs in the form of visual and audio output from the computer. We will specifically be looking at the fighting game genre, where these interactions are designed to be accurate to the frame, while also incorporating head-to-head multiplayer, throwing into the equation the interaction between the player and their opponent. This adds another really interesting layer to the interaction of the player with the game itself, as they now how to respond to their opponents actions as well. We will explore this concept and talk about the merits of studying fighting games in this capacity.

Organizer and main speaker:
Alfred Shaker, M.S.

Jong-Hoon Kim, Ph.D

Sean Carney

Lane Shirk

Holden Creswell

Kent FGC, supported and sponsored by ICHI and the Computer Science Department, will be hosting a fighting game tournament on the last day of the IHCI conference hosted at the DI Hub on KSU’s main Kent campus. This will be on Wednesday, December 22nd, from 1pm to 3pm. We want to use this survey to get an accurate head-count for the attendees interested in participating. Entry is free and we will have sponsored prizes for finalists.

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