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Student Forum – IHCI 2021

Date: Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Duration: 14:30– 16:30

Room: TBD
Expected headcount: 50

IHCI’s student forums provide an opportunity for students currently working in the field of human-computer interaction to present and discuss research goals, approaches, and preliminary results. The forum centers around the conference track, where selected student research papers are presented. The Student Forum Research Paper is a two to four-page, single-author presentation on ongoing research by graduate and undergraduate students.

Dr. Johnatan Maletic

Panelist-1:  TBD

Panelist-2:  TBD

Panelist-3:  TBD

This is a call for contribution (2-4 pages extended abstract) to gain better visibility.

This Student Forum publication can expand your research work’s importance, novelty, and challenges in the IHCI field.

Refer to the call for contributions for more information.